Hi! We're Alex & Daphne.


Welcome to Homestyle, a lifestyle blog focused on home improvement and home comforts. On this site, we share renovation projects, recipes, and home decor projects — basically everything that makes a house into a home.

Follow along as we learn first-hand about all the things "Fixer Upper" won't tell you.

IG: @thehomestyleblog


Where do you live?
Southern California!

What are your day jobs?
Alex is a software engineer, and I'm a writer at an entertainment ad agency. We both have a love for DIY and figuring things out as we go.

What do you do for fun?
Research DIY projects. Try new restaurants. Watch movies. Hang out at the dog park.

Why did you start the Homestyle blog?
I wanted to personally document all of the changes we're making to the house and what we're learning (especially as millennials in the challenging Los Angeles housing market). After a lot of our friends asked about the process, I decided to take what I do best and turn it into a source for inspiration and tips!

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