Adventures in Bread-Making: Sourdough Loaves #2, #3, & #4

For my second attempt at sourdough, I decided to try the path of least resistance with this No Knead Sourdough recipe by BAKED. It required significantly less steps than the first recipe I followed and produced an even better tasting bread. However, the rise was still not high enough

So I tried again. Same recipe, longer proofing period, more bubbly starter, and parchment paper to keep the bottom from getting too crunchy. The flavor was still amazing, the crust still incredible, the texture still chewy, but the rise was still too deflated.

And, you guessed it, I tried again. This time, with the proof in a plastic bowl and much more time spent shaping the dough to increase the surface tension. Definitely a little puffier, but I overworked the dough in my shaping attempt so the air bubbles deflated. The taste and crunch are still delicious though!

I’m not going to give up on this recipe yet, but I’m thinking maybe I should use some packaged yeast to give it a little boost? I’m also going to consult the bread masters of Breadit.