Clearing the Backyard Pt. 2 with Help from the Pros

After our strenuous attempt at clearing the backyard ourselves, Alex decided to gather quotes from gardeners and hire a team to uproot the rest. They arrived on Sunday morning around 9AM and stayed past 6PM cutting down trees, uprooting stumps, raking dry brush, and tearing down the sheds. Both Chef and Shabu were very concerned.

We’re so impressed by all the natural light pouring into the master bathroom and master bedroom, all because we tore down two overgrown trees. It is a little sad to see some of the greenery disappear, but upon closer inspection, all of it is overgrown, unruly, and sometimes even rotting. We’re excited to replace it with new, healthy plants, veggies, and trees.

The five men worked for 8+ hours and will be back next Sunday to finish the job.

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