Christmas Spirit!

Bringing home a Christmas tree was one of the things we've been looking forward to all year. It was totally out of the question last year, but now that we're settled in, we can actually make the space cozy and enjoy the season. We bought our Noble Fir from Armstrong Garden Center (with a handy $10 coupon) and borrowed decorations from my mother-in-law. This is hands-down the nicest tree I've ever gotten so we're giving it lots of TLC and photo opps.

We also stopped by Home Depot to pick up some trellises and snap peas. The goal is to train the vines across our brick fence to make the wall lush and fruitful.

And in the spirit of Christmas, we went full-on holiday mode and went to Disneyland with Léna, Diaeddine, and Rachel. It was a combination of celebrating Léna's birthday, showing them around Disneyland for the first time, and taking a day to just have fun. We really miss having an annual pass, but now all of our "fun" money goes straight into the house (see "snap peas" above). It was a very sweet, nostalgic day re-tracing our steps around Disneyland and remembering where we often daydreamed about our future house and family while waiting in lines.