Stripping the Ceiling Beams + Cabinet Update

This past weekend, in addition to choosing countertops and toilets, we also started stripping the paint from the bedroom ceilings. And by we, I mean Alex because I was too short to reach them.


We love the look of the hardwood, but unfortunately, the entire ceiling in both bedrooms were painted white. So we're following the same technique we're using for the cabinets to strip the paint from the beams. After Alex and his friend Daniel finish stripping and sanding them this weekend, we'll stain them so that all the beams look consistent.


While Alex was doing all this, I was figuring out which cabinets we actually needed. Back in November, we started stripping all the cabinets. But since we hadn't hired a contractor at that time, we didn't know exactly which cabinets we would be demolishing. Now that we've demolished quite a few of cabinets, we don't actually need a lot of the shelves and doors that we previously stripped, primed, and painted. So I fit them all back into their original spots, labeled them with painters tape according to columns (A through K from left to right... the tape is messed up because our dog Shabu chewed it), and set aside the ones that don't fit anywhere anymore. We're still keeping them in the garage though just in case!

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