Weekend Progress: Stripped Ceiling Beams (Finally)

Last weekend, Alex started stripping the paint from the wooden beams in both bedrooms. The task was much harder than the kitchen cabinets because the layers of paint were thicker and more difficult to reach. Alex’s co-worker Daniel helped us sand the beams in the master bedroom while Alex stripped the paint in the guest bedroom. After about 6 hours, the beams in the master bedroom were done! The next day, Alex finished up the beams in the guest bedroom.

One of the main reasons why we wanted to strip the paint now was because the flooring hasn’t been installed yet. This means we can make a giant mess without worrying about damaging anything. The paint stripper is extremely abrasive (we’ve gotten a few splatters on our skin and it burns) so when Alex scrapes the paint off, it lands on the floor in giant,  chemical-filled piles — completely harmless to the ground that is soon-to-be covered in our beautiful laminate.

More updates:

  • We have walls! Drywall went up last week, and we just need them to “skim” it with a smooth surface for us to paint when we move in. The other option would be a textured surface, but we want it smooth.
  • The kitchen soffit is now filled with insulation, also ready to be drywalled this week.
  • The roofing guys were there on Saturday to install foam insulation.
  • All of the flooring has been picked up and is waiting in the garage to be installed. It was a little bit of a stressful ordeal to get it ordered and expedited so when we opened it up, I couldn’t help but hug it. We also have baseboards chosen.
  • Our front door is ready for pickup! Our contractor will get it and install it. He’s also picking up the bathroom floor tile for us.
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