French vs. Sliding Patio Doors

As a little girl, I remember falling in love with French doors (and outdoor courtyards) at a restaurant in Chicago called Versailles that has since closed. Romantic, elegant, and charming, French doors have always been a huge YES for me at hotels or Airbnbs. But when it came time to think about installing them in our master bedroom, I had to put my personal preferences aside and really think about what made sense for our lifestyle.



  • Beautiful, duh
  • When both doors are open, it’s large enough to move things in and out or host large groups of people


  • Hinged doors must be propped open, inviting lots of bugs and dirt inside (unless you hang mosquito netting, which takes away from the open-airness)
  • Swinging doors can also be loud and problematic if it’s windy
  • Inswing or outswing doors require unobstructed floor space which affects the configuration of furniture
  • Often found in homes with more traditional architectural styles
  • Could potentially be more expensive depending on the door design

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  • Sliding door can easily be opened, closed, or propped open in any type of weather
  • Built-in screen door
  • Door frame is usually narrower than French doors, allowing in more sunlight and taking up less space — ultimately making the space feel larger


  • Sliding track must be cleaned and maintained to ensure smoothness

Ultimately, we decided to go with sliding patio doors for their convenience factor and sleek, modern style. We know that we’ll be using the door mostly to let our dogs out in the backyard, and keeping it closed otherwise to help reduce the noise from the freeway. I’ll save the French doors for my future Tuscan villa. :)