Stripping and Painting the Cabinet Interiors

The goal for this weekend was to make everything as dirty as possible. We’re anticipating that the floors will go in sometime this week so we wanted to make sure that we finished sanding the beams and stripping the cabinet faces while we still had the chance to make a mess. The paint stripper is extremely corrosive and it would break our hearts if it messed up our new floors.

First, I applied paint stripper to the cabinet frames (the parts that face outward, in between the cabinet doors). That was the easy part.

Then, I applied paint stripper to the inside of the cabinet. This was a bit trickier because it's harder to reach and the angles were weird. I didn't do the entire interior. Just enough to remove the gross stains or yucky oils. These cabinets will house our pots, pans, dishes, and pantry items and even though they'll all have cabinet liners, I was grossed out by the thought of years of grime touching our food and ingesting who knows what.

We plan to do some more stripping and sanding this weekend. But if the floors are installed, we'll save it for after we move in and lay out tons of painters plastic.