Shopping Day

Today was the first day that all the pieces of the vision physically started to come together. We visited a bunch of showrooms and specialty stores with Alex’s mom to start picking out the kitchen island design, countertops, flooring, backsplash, lighting, and ideas for appliances (not to mention window quotes which we’ve been gathering over the past month and decor ideas that I’ve been compiling).

Just a few stores we visited:

On Sunday, we covered the garage in painter’s plastic and applied one coat of this BEHR ultra pure white semi-gloss to the cabinets. Starting with the edges and corners, we used a paintbrush to get all the crevices and polyester rollers to fill in the rest. We’re already loving how it looks with the hardware and can’t wait to start applying additional coats this weekend.

We’re also meeting with Shay the electrician tomorrow to start planning lighting!

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