Framing began this past week. Wtf is framing? It’s basically the skeleton of the house where you figure out where you need structural support.

Now we’re slowly watching the house get put back together again. The last wall in the kitchen has been removed so we FINALLY have the open space concept we envisioned from the very beginning. This is the progression from when we bought the house to now.

The wires and copper pipes running along the beams have now been “boxed out” — which means they’ve been covered by wood to make them look like their original state (left photo). We’ll stain them darker once we move in. Again, here's a progression from what it looked like last month to what it looks like now.

The electrical boxes for the recessed lights, fans, and outlets are installed throughout the bathrooms and kitchen.

Concrete has been poured in the bathrooms and rough in-valves have been placed for the bathroom faucets. The small pony wall for the tub (not pictured) and the shower area are also framed. All old, nasty plumbing has been removed along with the very dated wall heaters.

And finally, the framing for our sliding french doors have also been completed.

Lots and lots happening as we hope to move in at the end of the month.