5 Ways to Save Money for Your Mortgage

After years of paying rent, it still feels weird to say we have a mortgage. On top of that, we’re budgeting for the renovations and planning our wedding in September.

We’ve been saving up for this moment, but now that we’re living it, we’re still looking for ways to save as much as possible. Here are a few spending rules we abide by.

  1. Make budgeting spreadsheets. Spending trackers are essential to saving. It’s so easy to swipe a credit card here, Venmo someone there… but before you know it, all these little expenses really start to add up. Keep track of how much is going into your bank account, factor in your monthly bills, and figure out how much spending cash you really have.

  2. No shopping for clothes. Period. As much as I’m tempted to buy a new pair of shoes or cute sundress, I have to remember that we’re spending thousands on a HOUSE. In the long-term, I’d rather have a quality shower head than a new pair of jeans. But I admit, sometimes I'll add things to my online shopping cart just to get it out my system, and then immediately close the window.

  3. No splurges. As much as it saddens me, we will not be renewing our Disneyland annual passes this year. We’ll be too busy with the house and the parks are going through some major construction anyway. Instead, we got Moviepasses which are still a bit of a splurge but pays for itself once we watch a few more movies. We also cancelled our Barkbox subscription (but we’ve saved up a ton of treats and toys from previous boxes for the dogs). We consolidated our Spotify accounts into one family account (that saves us $60 alone). I also cut my own hair and Alex’s. We only get Starbucks on the weekends when we’re running house errands. And when we’re craving dessert, we eat cereal or fruit.

  4. Pack lunches. We take our menu planning very seriously to make sure we have enough food to last us for lunch and dinner throughout the week. We only go out with friends on the weekend or with coworkers for special social events.

  5. Keep it minimal. Our goal for the new house is to keep everything very simple and clean. We try to spend very responsibly to minimize hoarding clutter and junk. Plus, that means less things to move or shove into storage containers later!