Choosing Doors and Doorknobs

Our new obsession last week was door handles! To be honest, they completely crept up on us. We thought it would be one of the final touches after more of the renovations were done, but when we saw the carpenter last Thursday, he asked us to get the door handles ASAP so we could securely close the doors.

When we re-did the bathrooms, we had to re-frame one of the bathroom doors. This meant that we made the door bigger and needed to fit it with a new door (and new handle). In addition to the front door, we also re-framed the other two exterior doors because they were damaged (one leads to the backyard, the other leads into the kitchen). So three new doors meant three new handles... but we also wanted to re-do all of the door handles to match, so now we were talking about eight new door handles in total.

To make things even more confusing, we quickly realized that we had an overwhelming amount of handles to choose from. I wanted something contemporary that would match the front door, and I had gravitated towards the Schlage Latitude handle at Home Depot from some of our previous research. After we saw the carpenter, we immediately went to Home Depot before work to purchase one so he could start measuring where the latch would go. However, I wanted to get the black handle to match the front door, and the color was currently unavailable even though it was on display. Much like when we were shopping for shower heads, finding the right finish was a challenge we weren't 100% prepared for.

Long story short, we bought a Latitude handle in nickel so that the carpenter could start measuring. In the meantime, we purchased 5 black privacy handles on which has quickly become one of my favorite sites. They came within 2 days! We made another order a few days later for the same handles, except this time, they were passage door handles for the closets (i.e. they don't lock).

That leads into one more curveball: deciding which doors should lock, and what kind of lock it should be. We settled on making the back door a deadbolt with a privacy lock handle (this is the only handle that has an aged bronze finish because Home Depot only carried the aged bronze deadbolt to match. Literally no one else will notice this because it basically looks black... but it's a fun little Easter egg for all our blog readers!). And for the kitchen door, we decided on a privacy handle. It leads to the exterior now, but eventually we want to turn that area into a laundry room so a deadbolt won't be necessary.

The doors themselves are flat and simple to match the existing doors (which we'll repaint). They feel a little plain now, but they fit our budget and will provide a nice, simple backdrop for our furnishings.