Bathroom Tiles are In

This is the face of someone who is VERY HAPPY with 3D shower tiles!!!


As a reminder, this is what our bathrooms looked like when we bought it. We reconfigured the layouts and went through a lot of construction to re-do the plumbing, electrical, and framing.

We chose the tile last month, and this weekend, we were finally able to see the transformation take shape! We know the style strays from mid-century modern, but we wanted the bathrooms to feel luxurious, clean, and inviting. After the kitchen, they'll be the most-used rooms in the house.

In the guest bathroom, we have the Style Selections Calacatta White Porcelain on the tub/shower walls with Bright White grout and silver edge trim. The floors are Fresco Blanco tiles with Cape Gray grout.

In the master bath, we have 3D tiles (similar to these, but I can't find the exact product) with Eclectic Vintage Exposed Concrete backsplash for the shower floor. Again, we used Bright White grout, silver edge trim, and floors that are Fresco Blanco tiles with Cape Gray grout.

Next up is installing the shower heads and faucets and getting a quote for the shower doors. This weekend, we'll be assembling the IKEA sink vanities for our contractor to slide in.