Living Room Floors are In

We chose our laminate flooring in January, but it was a little more complicated than we expected. First, the laminate was made especially for Valley Carpet One & Floors. It was a great price, but it almost meant that they were the ONLY ones who provided it. So of course, when it came time to place an order, we found out that it was backordered and wouldn't be ready until 2-3 months. We were nervous about waiting that long, so we put down a deposit and our salesperson was kind enough to expedite our order. The people who had placed their order before us were on a more flexible timeline, so we were able to take their shipment when it arrived on a shipping container from China.

Finally, it arrived safe and sound, and all of the flooring is now in! You'll see some of the areas that they had to level out, plus the underlayment and insulation.

I got a little filter happy, but it's a light laminate with legit grain grooves. They're putting in the baseboards now. Can you believe the floors used to look like this??

This is the first time we're walking around the house with no shoes on. What a luxury!!!