Electrical Drama

On Monday, we met with our electrician to finalize outlet placement, fixture arrangements, and other miscellaneous items prior to our inspection. Of course, unexpected things came up.

One of the biggest pain points was the chandelier in the dining room. Our electrician told us that the shape of it would bang against the windows, and the fabric electrical cord had to be a chain in order to pass inspection. This caught us completely off guard, and honestly, made us really angry. Why tell us this now after we purchased this fixture months ago? Why make us rush to find something new when the final inspection is happening in the next couple of weeks? After a lot of pushback, I was able to find this image online to prove that we could actually hang it the way we wanted to.

Our contractor sided with us, and the solution is to cap off the hole for the fixture and put the chandelier in place after the inspection. We also had a discussion with our electrician regarding the pendants and track lights. He's been recommending against track lights from the beginning, so he found us some thin, flush-mount lights as an alternative. We'll be buying them off Amazon and he'll set them up next week.

The joy of remodeling means that every single corner of the house has a story behind it, for better or for worse. We started off this week on a really sore note. We were stressed at work and even more stressed with the hiccups at the house. But by Thursday, we were in much brighter spirits once the countertops were in and even more progress was made. It's a rollercoaster of emotions!