How to Choose Kitchen Faucets

Without a doubt, our kitchen will be the most used space in our house. It's the first thing you see when you walk through the front door. It's bright white and inviting. And it's pretty massive. Since Day 1, I've always had a clear vision for the kitchen transformation, all the way down to the details like the kitchen faucets.

At our weekly grocery trips to Costco, we always walked down the faucet aisle. So when it came time to choose faucets, immediately chose the Kohler Malleco Touchless Pull-down Kitchen Faucet for its functionality (and it was on sale!) for the small utility sink that used to be a laundry sink. But since we love cooking, we knew we wanted something more heavy duty for the main sink.


The Hansgrohe Cento Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet was exactly the kind of statement faucet we were looking for. The only problem was that it was out of stock in-store and online. We were so sad! It was on sale for $100 off, and we suspect someone bought them all to re-sell on Ebay. We were forced to pivot and look for a similar model at Home Depot. We ended up choosing the Kohler Sous Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet. It doesn't have exactly the same sleek design, but we're really happy with the water pressure from the spray head, the flexibility of the spring, and the height of the faucet's arch.


If you really look and think about our faucets, I'd say they fall into the transitional design category. They don't have sleek, sharp lines like that original Hansgrohe faucet we fell in love with. But the soft, natural curves give them hints of contemporary design with traditional overtones. And since our kitchen is a mix of old and new, I think our faucets complement the space perfectly.

Last week, our contractor called me and texted a photo during fabrication to confirm where we wanted the placement of the faucets in the countertop. I knew I wanted the soap dispensers on the far left, and the garbage disposal button on the right since we're both right-handed. We decided to make everything equidistant for uniformity.

Now that both faucets are in with running water (no hot water yet), we're getting even more excited about moving in very, very soon!