Installing New Shower Doors

We are very much nearing the end of renovations! Yesterday, we had the shower doors installed. Today the rest of the kitchen backsplash went in. And tomorrow, we have our final inspection with the hopes of moving in on Saturday.

Our contractor had given us a quote for the shower doors in the guest bathroom and master bathroom. It was a little above our price point, so I contacted at least 15 other companies in the area. Ultimately, we went with Quick's Glass and Doors because they gave us a great price, communicated promptly, and turned the job around in one week.

We went with a sliding glass door in the guest bathroom and frameless shower door in the master bathroom. Again, lots of decisions were made on the spot like "What kind of door handle do you want? Square or rounded hinges? Where do you want the shower door to meet with the pony wall... flush or overlapping? Where do you want the fixed glass panels?" We made all of these decisions before the bathroom vanities went in, so I have to admit that getting into the guest shower is a little more narrow than I expected. I also know that I'm over-thinking all these little details.

We decided to only use two brackets on the edges to keep the dramatic tiles unobstructed. The glass is SUPER sparkly and clear because they added a coat of diamond seal treatment to the glass. Which reminds me, I need to buy a squeegee on Amazon now.