We're Moving TOMORROW

After our final inspection just hours ago, we finally (FINALLY!!) have the all clear from our general contractor to move in tomorrow!


This is the happiest we've been throughout this entire process. When we bought the house, we were happy, but VERY nervous. We had a vision that many people couldn't imagine (even contractors we interviewed). They doubted us. They warned us that it would be a ton of work. It was. But our result is even better than we could have imagined.

We had planned to move in at the end of March to align with out apartment lease ending. When that didn't happen, we were bitter and stressed. What could we have done sooner to keep the project on track? What other costs would creep up on us? Would we have any money left in our bank account? Did we make a huge mistake??? But we forged ahead, checking in with our contractor multiple times a day for the past month. Slowly, everything that we had ripped apart started to come back together. Fresh, clean, new.

There are still a few things left for our contractor to finish next week, like installing some lights, baseboards, and the tankless water heaters. We're waiting for the city to turn on the gas too, so we can't cook and don't have any hot water at the moment.

Tomorrow, we'll wipe down the countertops and vacuum. His cleaning lady wouldn't be available until next week, so we're foregoing that and cleaning up ourselves. Plus, we have so much painting, sanding, and staining ahead of us that everything will just get dirty again anyway.


To document our renovations, I've kept a running list of all the steps we've taken from when we bought the house in December until now, which I'll post later. I've managed to condense it to a 50-step bullet point list LOL. For anyone who is renovating or interested in renovating, the one word that sums up our experience is intense. Every day was an unpredictable roller coaster of emotions and problem-solving. A kind of controlled chaos. There is no way we could have done this without guidance from Alex's mom (thank you!!!). And since Alex and I both have desk jobs, we had the flexibility of taking phone calls, squeezing in meetings, and always having tabs open to work on spreadsheets and mood boards for the house.

There will always be little details that I wish I had thought about more or done differently. But overall, we are so incredibly happy and thankful to call it our home – demolished and designed with so, so, SO much love and care.