Clean Room, Clear Mind: Part 1 Towards a More Minimal Life

After going down a deep YouTube rabbit hole of minimal home tour videos and discovering Pick Up Lime’s 30 Days to Minimalism blog post, my coworkers and I decided to give it a try. I always find that the more stressed I am, the more that clutter and disarray builds up around me… which only adds to the stress and chaos. We have the incredible opportunity to essentially start with a blank slate and establish new, healthier habits.

We started with the living room and kitchen. Because we have an open layout and this is our most-used space, I knew I wanted to keep the tables and countertops as clear as possible.

Everything has its place, from the pantry to a spice drawer to cabinets dedicated to storing baking supplies. We even have a cupboard for both of our juicers (Alex and I each had one prior to dating). Loose pasta is stored in a glass, airtight container. Random seasonings are in small mason jars. We just need to pop the cabinet doors back on, and then the kitchen will be complete.

Our living room table (from Amazon) lifts up to include storage for almost all our board games. Electronics and remote controls are placed inside the TV console. The wires will soon be organized behind it, and a long power strip provides plenty of outlets.


It’s a long process, but day by day, the house is getting cleaner and our minds are getting clearer.