Painting the Living Room

We made a ton of progress this weekend. If you'll recall, I made a pretty aggressive painting schedule to keep us on track.

Our Saturday morning started with an appointment with ADT to set up security sensors around the house. It took way longer than expected (a little over 5 hours), so we got a late start with painting. Luckily, we had taped off all the corners and floors during the week at night, so once the ADT dude left, we set up the painter's plastic and got to work with the remaining daylight we had.

Alex, his mom, and Kristy helped with the living room and dining area. Months ago, we chose a Valspar paint and primer from Lowe's in Silver Dust. We're keeping the baseboards in Ultra Pure White to match the kitchen. Since the paint is quite thick and we have a lot of other things to still take care of, we're only applying a single coat and re-applying any small touch-ups after it dries (unlike the kitchen where we did two coats on the walls and two coats on the cabinets because we wanted it to withstand more wear and tear).

Meanwhile, I was in the bedroom working on the wardrobe closets. The sooner we can get them cleaned and painted, the faster we can unpack our clothes and start getting organized. The wardrobes are in the same condition as the kitchen cabinets: worn, stained, and dirty. So just like the cabinets, we removed the doors and hinges so I could apply a coat of primer. We also had to remove the nails and staples from the bottom of the wardrobes because they used to have carpet inside. Then I painted a layer of Ultra Pure White.

Tonight, I'll work on the upper cabinets and add a layer of clear coat to the wooden closet bar so we don't get any splinters when we hang our clothes. We're also going to start taping off the hallway so we can get that painted this week.