Buying a Dining Table

I’ve been keeping my eye on dining tables since the beginning of the year, trying to figure out the best style to suit our needs and hopefully land a sale. With five of Alex’s family members and his grandmother in town from Bangkok, we felt it was necessary to finally buy one instead of gathering around the kitchen island.

I always loved the idea of a round, white table. It fits perfectly in our dining area, and I like having a round, inclusive table instead of something rectangular because no one ever wants to sit at the head of the table. A few that stood out:

But then I started to like the rectangular ones. We could pair it with a dining bench or easily extend it to seat more guests.

Luckily, I was able to find a hybrid of the two. This beautiful, round West Elm table can seat four people but comes with an leaflet so the table can extend into an oval and seat up to six people. It’s mid-century modern, easy to clean, and was delivered fully assembled.