June Recap

This summer is going to be one of the busiest of our lives, and we’re ⅓ of a way through it.

Alex’s family from Bangkok has been in town for the past couple weeks. We set up the guest room for Popo, including painting the walls in one night, cleaning and priming the wardrobe cabinets, installing our IKEA curtains, and moving Alex’s old bed into the room. We even had our very first cleaning lady stop by to help wipe down the counters, showers, and floors.

We still need to trim the curtains because they’re way too long (and I’ll use the remnants to make cloth napkins), but all my crafts will have to wait until after September.

On June 16, Ryan and Shelley got married!

This past Sunday, we took Alina to The Bazaar and went super extra by ordering the "dessert graffiti" — literally $80 worth of desserts, carefully assembled tableside on top of a mirror.

We've gradually gotten back into the routine of running, and we took our very first laps around the neighborhood!

I just finished up a super busy week at work (being on 3 pitches at once…), and Alex has a couple work trips to SF and Arizona lined up for tomorrow and next Monday. We’re also going into full planning mode for our July 14 party where we’ll celebrate with friends and family, some of whom will not be joining us in Bali. The food is ordered, the rental furniture is booked, our speech has been written, and our decorations are in progress.