July Recap

We're 2/3 done with our busy summer! 

To rewind a bit, we spent our first 4th of July by getting a ton of errands done. Cleaning, Costco, lunch at Chipotle, planning seating arrangements for the wedding using post-its on the ground, sewing flowers onto my party dress, dinner with Alex’s mom at the Westfield Century City, and fireworks in Culver City… followed by glimpses of a few fireworks in the distance from our living room windows.

We've been experiencing some LA heat waves which Chef is loving. But our house doesn't have air conditioning, so we've been cranking the bedroom fans and opening the windows for a nice cross-breeze. Ryan and Shelley also gave us an extra air conditioning unit which we've been using in the living room and bedroom. It reminds me of Eve from Wall-e, and of course it freaks Shabu out. 

I got promoted to Senior Copywriter, and to celebrate, and I another set of lobe piercings! We also purchased our wedding bands. One more thing off the wedding checklist!

Alex's mom took us out to celebrate with an omakase (my first one!) at Okumura and gifted us our first set of Calphalon pots and pans. We finally threw away all our old pans from IKEA!

Amara also gifted us this beautiful Crate & Barrel wok, and we've been using it to cook up all kinds of yummy things.

Then the big highlight of July was our Bali in Cali party on the 14th. Since we never had an engagement party, we wanted to have a celebration here in LA to spend time with those who won't be able to make it to Bali. We ordered catering from King's Hawaiian, decorations from Amazon, Ryan and Shelley set up their photobooth, and Alex and I wrote a very ridiculous speech/performance.

My dad flew back the day after, but my mom stayed for the week to enjoy time with us and the dogs, home-cooked meals, Disneyland with Leslie, and the Getty. With the convenience of the guest room in our house, it was one of the more comfortable trips my parents have enjoyed (still feels weird to say it though).

Next on the agenda, we're finalizing our honeymoon plans and paying off our vendors. We have about one month to go before we're on a plane halfway across the world!