Pinterest Sucks but is Also Great

Searching Pinterest for beautiful home remodel inspiration is so much fun!... and a huge pain.

On one hand, there are so many possibilities! Everything looks amazing! It matches my style perfectly!

But then you realize it’s super expensive. Or that a lot of the fixtures don’t meet certain requirements (i.e. California’s WaterSense specifications that only allow 2.0 gallons per minute). Or your pipes just aren’t arranged the right way to handle certain configurations. It’s beyond discouraging and frustrating to see something that’s so close in a photograph, yet so far away in reality.


My biggest piece of advice is to use Pinterest in the beginning of your remodel, but wean off of it as you start to work more closely with your contractor, especially towards the end. Your contractor will be able to tell you what’s actually feasible so you can stay within budget and have a result that works for your space.

Here’s a look at my Pinterest board. As you can tell, we were actually able to pull some of it off in our house. Other photos were purely inspirational… or we’ll save it for the next house. ;)