Weekend Hosting

With just a little over a month before our wedding, we had a rare free weekend to stay at home and chill. So in addition to cleaning and errands, it was the perfect time to catch up with friends!

First, Friday night was spent at the movies to watch Jurassic World. We're trying to get our money's worth with our Moviepass before it inevitably tanks. Plus, we were hardcore craving movie popcorn after I gifted this popcorn maker and flavor set to Jordan for his birthday. Nom nom nom.

Kat and Jeff came over for Saturday morning brunch, spoiling us with acai bowls and brie toast as we worked up an appetite for homemade Nutella crepes. We even got to meet their new doggy, Pepper!

We decided to start playing Pokemon Go again so we took an afternoon stroll catching Pokemon and stalking the property value of houses in the neighborhood. Then at night, Steph and Dennis joined us for homemade carbonara, drinks, and Porto's.

Sunday morning was spent at Costco, as usual, followed by a stroll around Sawtelle for more Pokemon and a stop by Daiso for wedding supplies. We cleaned, cooked, balanced wedding deposits, and checked off a ton of things on our to-do lists. Things are starting to ramp up so we're trying to get everything in order before my bachelorette weekend (thank you, Rachel and Léna!), Mike and Melanie's wedding in mid-August, and our Bali trip in exactly one month!