Current Mood: Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Alex & I are dedicated meal planners and spend the majority of our time in the kitchen. We feel naked if we don't grocery shop over the weekend. We pack our lunches nearly every day, make breakfast together, and take pride in winging our cooking instead of following a recipe. So we've grown pretty attached to some of the items in our kitchen. Here are some of our not-so-secret favorites!

#1. Lodge Cast-Iron Skillet

My cast-iron skillet is my pride and joy. When I first started using it, it took forever to wash off scrambled eggs and cheese. But after a lot of TLC and many seared salmon filets later, the seasoning on my skillet is impeccable. Cleaning it is also super easy. I use sea salt to scrape off stubborn bits of food, rinse it, then place it back on the stove to evaporate the water.

#2. Ovalware Cold Brew Maker

We just bought this aesthetically pleasing cold brew maker for coffee and tea, and we use it each day. I'm terrible at making French press coffee, so this cold brew maker is a foolproof way to have strong, fresh coffee every morning with minimal effort.


#3. Instant Pot

We got our Instant Pot just as the craze was beginning, and it's never let us down since. We use it to make rice, soup, porridge, hard-boiled eggs, stews... I've even made a cheesecake with it.

#4. Breville Juicer

In preparation for our wedding and getting our #BaliBod into shape, Alex has been juicing and I've been dumping the pulp in my compost bin. I bought this juicer after watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead and it's great at handling tough veggies like carrots and beets.


#5. Microplane

It's one of those little things you never knew you needed. I love making Chinese sauces with garlic, ginger, and green onion, and the microplane is perfect for shaving up the ginger. I'm also a big fan of lemons, and it adds the perfect amount of zest to dressings and dishes.