DIY Stamped Canvas Bags

We’ve started packing a suitcase for all the wedding items we need to bring over to Bali: placecards, favors, accessories, etc. We’re also making welcome bags for our guests to fill with small personal items like individually packaged Tylonel, Pepto-Bismol, and makeup remover wipes.

Some people go crazy elaborate with their welcome bags, but we wanted to keep it simple and affordable. Luckily, we had these small canvas bags from Alibaba stashed away from a previous project. Alex used our stamp kit and ink to customize our names on the welcome bags and voila!

DIY Stamped Canvas Bags

Time needed: 30 mins. for 50 bags



  1. Choose your letters and tape them together in a row. You might need to get creative here for words or phrases that have repeating letters. For example, we stamped “ALEX & D” first, then went back and taped together “APHNE.”
  2. Practice on a piece of paper to make sure they’re aligned properly (some letters may not hit the ink even if you’re think they’re straight).
  3. Once you’re happy, stamp away on the canvas bags!
  4. Let dry and feel proud.