Minimalist Favorites

One of my guilty pleasures is watching YouTube videos and reading blogs about minimalism. I'm especially hooked on Rachel AustPick Up Limes, and Hello Hoku.

Becoming a homeowner helped open my eyes to my personal style, especially as we were renovating our kitchen and bathrooms and making such permanent decisions. Will we still like the tile in five years? Will this faucet match the toilet? Will potential buyers feel the same about our ultra pure white cabinetry? 

Renovating and paying a mortgage AND wedding planning also made us hyper-aware of our spendings. We're passionate meal planners, and we try our best to resist making purchases unless we absolutely need it. No splurges on bad days. No snacks. No cheap junk. It's all about functionality.

Today, I started watching Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things on Netflix, and it speaks to me on so many levels. Our lives practically revolve around cleaning and caring for our home, and our mood instantly changes as soon as we wipe down the floors or stove. And it's all the little moments in between — making the bed, putting the remote control back into the TV console, putting our shoes in a rack — that help us clear our minds and love our space even more.

Like a lot of our friends in their late 20s, we're also trying to get rid of our old, cheap furniture from college and upgrade to more intentional pieces. Here are a few that we've added to our collection, and others that are on my shopping list.

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