Post-DestinationWedding Advice

We’re still glowing from our wedding and honeymoon in Bali! Everything went mostly according to plan, we received several cuts from our videographer, and we’re still waiting for the professional photos. We couldn’t be happier! Since my last post, we also learned a few things about the destination wedding planning process.


#1. Expect to Play Host

Of course, the amount of your involvement is completely up to you. But since our guests had traveled so far and so long to be with us, we felt that it was the least we could do. The night before our wedding, I even sent out a spreadsheet to help arrange and coordinate shuttle rides home for our guests —a small extra gesture to show our appreciation. We also arranged massages by the beach for our family members who stayed with us at Villa Taman Ahimsa.

#2. The Unexpected is Inevitable

If you’re the type of person who dreams of their wedding going a certain way, I’m sorry to say that a destination wedding is not for you. We put in a ton of time and research to find an amazing coordinator to help minimize any surprises (big hugs to Adria Chew from Avavi Weddings!). But even then, there are some things that are just out of everyone’s control. Like waking up to a mosquito bite on my left eyelid just three days before the wedding (luckily, the swelling went down after I placed a cold water bottle on it for a couple hours). Or vomiting and having a fever just two days before the wedding (likely from a bit of food poisoning). And to top it all off, getting a little sunburnt on my face and sleeping with an ill-fitting eye mask that put a little too much pressure on my eyes the day before the wedding. There’s an expectation that everything needs to be perfect, but if you go into it with the right mindset, everything will be awesome no matter what happens.

#3. Pack Light

I stuffed my wedding dress, reception skirt, tea ceremony dress, and wedding shoes into my carry on. We checked in two bags: one which had Alex’s suit and miscellaneous wedding things (signs, welcome bags, hand fans) and another with our clothes and toiletries. The less you have to bring, the more you can focus on enjoying your big day instead of trying to manage a million little things and inevitably forgetting to repack something.

4. Make Time to Hang Out with Everyone after the Wedding

We made sure to grab our guests’ itineraries so we could be aware of everyone’s travel plans. We were able to squeeze in one more meal with some of our friends after the wedding, and they were some of the highlights of our trip!

5. Hire a Videographer

This was actually a point of debate between Alex and me. However, we were able to meet in the middle and create a custom package with our videographer for 5 hours (plus add-on hours if needed) instead of the usual 8 hours minimum. This allowed us to capture the parts that really mattered to us: moments before the first look, the vows, speeches, and dances. Our videographer Adi from Filomena/Aki Photograph was phenomenal, and we’re so happy with the results. The day flew by so fast! Within two weeks, Adi sent us a 5-minute wedding highlights reel and a one-hour wedding documentation video. We’re so happy that we can also share the video with friends and family who could not attend, and we’ll treasure the captured memories forever.

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