Painting the Bathroom Walls

We were finally ready to start painting again after a short hiatus from the holidays. The bathrooms have had bare drywall since we moved in, and we wanted to do our due diligence to research the proper moisture-resistant paint.

We stopped by Dunn Edwards to pick up 2 gallons of Vinylastic primer and 3 gallons of low sheen white paint. We kept it simple and chose plain white instead of hemming and hawing over which shade. We’d rather use that time to actually paint.

We also ordered more paint brushes from Amazon, paint kraft paper to protect our tiles, and paint rollers. Each time we start a new project, we realize how much we’ve learned from before. This time, we were much better about applying coats consistently and cleaning up immediately.

Our friends Kat and Jeff also came to lend a hand which made the entire process much easier. They painted our guest bathroom while we did the master bathroom.


The end result is gorgeous and exactly what we wanted. It’s clean with just enough shine. The Dunn Edward paint is noticeably higher quality and we’re excited to use it on the cabinets in the bedrooms. Onto the next project!