January in Review

2019 is off to a strong start – pushing ourselves at work, adding finishing touches to the living room, and tackling new home improvement projects. It’s hard to believe that at this time last year, we were just getting started with house renovations. A few highlights from this month…

We took it easy for New Year’s day. Over the following weekend, we took the dogs to get their annual checkups.

I changed my name on my driver’s license.

We saw “Wicked” for the second time.

We got a new camera to take nicer photos of the house and for our travels.

I got a new basil plant to keep indoors (my previous basil plant never flourished ever since I moved it outdoors). I also tried to rescue the lettuce in the raised veggie bed from mold, but alas, they succumbed.

I made more bread, including a stuffed focaccia. Now I’m trying to figure out how to make larger air holes in my bread now for an even better crumb.

We arranged a gallery wall of photos (motivation to finally print our wedding photos), bought a West Elm lamp for the living room, got armchairs from Amazon, and hung up a wall clock from Muji.

And finally, we celebrated Alex’s 30th birthday at Tres by Jose Andres (followed by dessert at Milk Bar), Osteria Mozza, and Dave and Buster’s.