Assembling the Shed

In preparation for the garage conversion, we bought an 8’x8’ Lifetime shed at Costco for extra storage. It turned out to be one of the most complicated things Alex has ever had to assemble.


First, we cleared the old, creepy shed and tossed all the random junk including old tools, yard supplies, and wheelbarrows full of branches and dry brush. We tried to level the ground as much as possible and laid down weed barrier fabric. Then we weighed it down with leftover concrete stones to create a flat base.

There was so much to clear in that corner that Alex even broke our shovel in the process of clearing out old stumps and roots.


We had planned to buy the shed on Saturday morning at Costco, but it was huge and heavy. So instead, Alex rented a U-Haul on Sunday, headed to Costco to buy the shed and pack it in the truck, and then hired a day laborer named Freddy to help for over 6 hours. It was basically like building a small house with tons of puzzle pieces and screws.

After they finished, we moved everything out of the garage and into the shed. Anything that was left in the garage would be trashed and demolished.

The garage was never this empty, even when we bought the house and moved in. We’re so excited to transform this space into a cozy, inviting, usable extension of the house!