Garage Conversion: Week 4

Spring is blooming like crazy in our backyard. We’ve noticed ants, mosquitos, and various other critters making themselves at home in the overgrown weeds and grass. So before it could grow any more out of control, we decided to head to Home Depot (per usual) and purchase some tools and gravel to clean things up.

While it’s nice to see the new blooms and green sprouts, it’s also important to remember that all of these will eventually fade and contribute to our original problem of overgrown brush and piles of dead leaves. This year, the overwhelming size of our backyard is really setting in and we want to be sure that all our hard work doesn’t go to waste.

We started by picking up two new fruit trees at Costco – plum and peach! (which barely fit inside my car) Next we tidied up the garden and planted more seeds including radish and white corn. Then I went to town pulling up the weeds while Alex excavated around the existing rusty pipes and tried to figure out where they were coming from and how they connected (if at all).

On Sunday, we bought new gardening shears and a weed remover. I had way too much fun trimming the trees and overgrown bushes (which are slightly overtaking the windows now). It’s like giving them a haircut! And the de-weeder has a long pole so we don’t have to hunch over and strain our backs.

On Tuesday, the city approved our blueprints and issued all the ADU permits! They had minor tweaks and feedback over the past couple of weeks so we’re happy to finally get their approval and move forward. Later throughout the week, our contractor and crew removed the old cracked pipes that were infested with roots (proof below) and framed out the crawl space, doors, and windows.