Garage Conversion: Week 5 (Goodbye, stone wall)

Now that framing is complete, we’re gearing up to pour concrete. This week, the crew put incisions in the stone wall that faces the street and knocked it down on Wednesday. Well, not quite knocked. More like attached it to a truck and pulled it down (it wasn’t fully attached to the roof of the garage, which made the job easier but also explains why we had mold and water damage inside that wall). Alex was home when they did it and was able to record this video… and felt over 1,000 lbs. of stone thud to the ground. This stone wall was the same material used inside the house to cover the fireplace. The previous owners really, really liked stone.

We also continued cleaning up the backyard dirty and dust by buying 9 more bags of gravel. This was in addition to the 6 bags we started with last week. The dogs can now use this area to potty without making their paws dirty and tracking it into the house. We also purchased a Bissell Crosswave Wet/Dry Vacuum to deep clean the laminate floors and living room rug. For a year, we were scrubbing the floors on our hands and knees, manually wringing towels in the guest bathtub. We decided it was time to upgrade and invest in something that would get the job done more efficiently.

While Alex was taking care of all of this, I tackled the bamboo forest in the backyard. The previous owners planted these to provide coverage from the freeway that’s literally behind our backyard. However, the rainy winter has caused them to grow out of control like weeds. Alex took a saw to chop them down. Then I peeled off the leaves and used shears to cut them into uniform lengths. I tied some together with twine to create trellises for the green beans in our raised bed and other plants that needed extra vertical support. I love being able to re-use the natural resources in our backyard. These bamboo stakes cost $2-$6 at Home Depot, and now we pretty much have an endless supply! Anyone want some?

I cleaned up the raised bed, keeping a watchful eye on all the budding tomatoes that should ripen once the temperatures get a tad bit warmer. Our snap peas are especially flourishing and we harvested enough for dinner.


The next day, Alex removed the tree and bush outside of our living room window to make room for new rose bushes. We picked up three from Costco: red, white and orange/pink. We’ll be adding wood chips to top off the soil, but for now, the roses are loving their little cozy corner and we can admire them from the comfort of our sofa.