Garage Conversion: Week 7

One of my favorite parts of the process: door buying! We went back to Urban Doors to pick a walnut door in the same family of styles as our front door. We wanted one that was similar but different to our front door and most of all, used minimal glass for added privacy and security.

We’re prepping and planning for the ADU kitchen and bathroom fixtures, so naturally we went back to IKEA. To get an early quote, we designed the kitchen using the in-store software which is surprisingly advanced. In addition to a blueprint layout, it even gives you a 3D-rendered model of your setup so you can open the digital drawers and cabinets before you place your order. We didn’t order anything yet, but now we have a very solid idea of what it will be shortly.

We also got a good look inside the garage. They’ve made lots of progress on the ceiling which will eventually house cans of recessed lighting. We’ll still have some of the beams exposed to match the ceiling in the main house.


Then the weekend was spent with family as my parents were in town. We took them around Century City mall, ate lunch at Din Tai Fung, took a scenic route to Manhattan Beach, and had the whole family over for dinner. Mother’s Day was spent at Huntington Library gardens (something we’ve been wanting to do together for years), followed by lunch at EMC Seafood, and a quick trip to Costco to pick up steaks for dinner. It was the perfect home-cooked meal to wrap up the lovely weekend.