Garage Conversion: Week 6

On our usual Saturday morning Costco run, we got first dibs on a new selection of fruit trees and plants. We picked out a blooming hydrangea to plant next to our roses, and Alex was able to find a hybrid Asian pear tree – 4 types of pears on 4 different branches, all attached to one tree! Costco shoppers were very curious and kept stopping to ask us about it.

We moved the olive tree to give the new Asian pear tree enough support to grow against the concrete fence. We also checked up on all the budding fruits and veggies in the raised bed, and cut the roses to bring some bouquets inside.

Afterwards, we went to the Ferguson showroom in Santa Monica (recommended by our contractor) to get a quote for bathroom hardware (faucets, shower head) and toilets. We’re sticking to similar fixtures that are in the guest bathroom for consistency and to fit our budget. The only main difference is that we’re choosing satin nickel finish instead of chrome. We’ve learned that satin nickel is easier to clean and won’t hold hard water stains (our kitchen faucets are satin nickel, everything else is chome). Since we anticipate the ADU will need routine cleanings, we want to make it as low maintenance as possible.

Monday morning was a big day – the large cement truck arrived bright and early and the crew began pouring concrete. They started with the perimeter, using a hose to get into the nooks and crannies. Throughout the week, they continued laying the foundation and removed the wooden supports by Friday.