Garage Conversion Week 11

We passed another inspection on Monday and are moving full steam ahead on tiles, floors, and bathroom fixtures. Last week, I found the tile and aesthetic that I wanted to achieve. So this weekend, we needed to gather all the materials and supply them to our contractor. Then his crew will install everything over the next few weeks.

In this weekend alone, we went to Home Depot three times, two Lowe’s locations, Target, and IKEA. It was exhausting, but necessary.

After doing the main house, we’ve learned to make decisions quickly, confidently, and within budget. Some of the hardest decisions come down to creating cohesion. For example, we were drawn to this gold faucet, but decided to buy the matte black finish instead to avoid clashing with the satin chrome showerhead and tub spout that we already purchased months ago.


Pinterest is my best friend and helps keep us from wasting time looking for inspiration or expensive, hard-to-find fixtures. We know what’s within our means and from there, it becomes a matter of calculating how much square footage we’ll need. And when it comes to tiles, each location has a set number of units available in their inventory (similar to furniture). So we have to drive around to different Home Depot and Lowe’s locations to gather the necessary amount of units. And we always save the receipts so we can return any excess.

At Home Depot, we purchased the bathroom tile – a charcoal, concrete-like ash tile. We still need to purchase the white subway tile once we take more measurements.

At Lowe’s, we ordered the 72 in. bathtub (a special order because 60 in. is the standard), Toto toilet, matte black bathroom faucet, light wood-grain laundry room tile, herringbone backsplash, and interior fire-proof door that connects the laundry room with the main house. They’ll be delivering it all to the house this week. My favorite part about the backsplash is that it falls within the same family of our current kitchen backsplash – same brand, same colors, different tile shape.

We also placed the order for our kitchen at IKEA. We used their software to design the space over a month ago. It even includes a 3D view where you can digitally open and close all the cabinets. Within the next couple of days, they’ll give us a call to set up time to take in-person measurements and install the cabinetry. It’s moments like these that make us really grateful that Alex is working from home.

We still need to choose interior and exterior paint colors, door handles, side yard fences, install a glass shower door, and a few other things. As of this morning, they were cleaning the roof and hammering it together to the main house. And now that the walls are insulated and soundproofed, it actually feels like a cozy, studio apartment.