Garage Conversion Week 12

At the end of last week, the crew started installing drywall – which means the ADU will be transforming even more quickly.

On Saturday morning, I made a batch of crispy waffles from scratch to fuel us for the day. I even whipped egg whites by hand and folded them into the waffle mix to make them extra fluffy.


Then Alex started by sanding down the beam to clear up the random paint splotches. Our contractor will be removing the weird metal and creating a custom fitting. Meanwhile, I clear-coated the door with 5 layers of polyurethane (which took the entire weekend in between letting each layer dry). We followed the same technique as last year. Can you believe that we clear-coated our front door in the garage?

As our arms and backs got tired, we took breaks by cleaning the backyard. We’re hosting a 4th of July barbecue so we want to make sure there’s room for our firepit and new grill. We’re also hiring a gardener to come this week to clear all the weeds and lay down wood chips. This should help with controlling the excess dust and priming the area for irrigation. I also turned my compost and even found a lizard hiding in the weeds.

In the late afternoon, we stopped by Sears Outlet and browsed aisles of heavily discounted appliances. Luckily, we were able to find a downdraft hood island (pictured here) which will complement our IKEA cooktop perfectly and saved us almost $1,000 because combo cooktops + downdraft hoods are super expensive. And if you’re wondering what a downdraft hood is, we’ve only just learned recently about them too. Basically, instead of cutting a hole in the ceiling for a typical hood vent, our contractor recommended a downdraft hood which will suck air down into the island and pump it out through a vent at the bottom. The vent will electronically rise out of the island, and with the push of a button, it’ll lower back inside the island when not in use.

We also bought a $600 fridge from Pacific Sales Kitchen & Home at Best Buy. It’s nothing fancy and pretty similar to the fridge I had for 5 years as I moved around apartments.

This time around, it’s been much easier to arrange deliveries since Alex is working from home, but inevitably there are still some hiccups. Our Lowe’s delivery was trickier than expected because they didn’t communicate the status clearly to us. But finally on Sunday afternoon, we received our packages which included the tub and interior fireproof door. In order to pass inspections, we’ve temporarily boarded up the door that connects the kitchen to the laundry room, but ultimately this will be replaced by an interior fire-rated door.


And finally on late Sunday afternoon, we stopped by Dunn Edwards to to choose exterior and interior paint colors. We’ll be keeping the garage walls a matte white called Swiss Coffee. We’re still choosing the exterior colors… something gray and neutral. There are multiple areas we need to account for, including the exterior wall, beams, and underside of the roof which I just learned are called “eaves.” It’s pretty cool to see where the new sections of the house are becoming attached to the existing main house. Here are some rough Photoshop mock-ups to get a better idea of the final result.