Garage Conversion Week 13

We started the weekend STRONG by running around Home Depot, Anderson Moulding, IKEA, and Lowe’s – all before noon on Saturday morning. We were on a mission to complete a lot of little errands and gather more house items, including the bathroom tile. 

One thing we started to consider was whether we wanted the subway tile to be arrange in a brick format or stacked symmetrically. The first way is standard, but the second way is a little more modern and polished, though it requires a very blocky space. In the end, we decided to move forward with the standard brick arrangement because our tub will have some odd angles that would potentially break the precise stacked pattern. This blog post is an amazing overview of all the layout choices we had to consider.

[sources: Design Sponge, My Paradissi]

On Sunday, we spent our entire day at home and tackled more projects, cleaning, and planning. Alex spend half the day removing paint from the exterior beams and sanding it down. The paint was severely chipped so in order to work with it at all, we needed to remove the damage. We love having the exposed wood grain as our accent (initially we thought about painting it black, but it’s too pretty to cover up!). This weekend, I’ll apply the clear coat paint to seal it, just like we did for the door while Alex cleans up the 2 other beams behind it.

But the highlight of our weekend was definitely grilling! Alex is a grill master, and he was so excited to finally purchase this Cuisinart grill and get it set up after the gardeners cleared the backyard on Wednesday and Thursday. Now we have wood chips around our raised garden bed and fruit trees, which should help with controlling the excess dust and weeds that have been popping up.

The gardeners also re-piped our hose hookups and added a new nozzle, so we have fully functioning water sources both in the front and back of our large wall. It’s nice to have so much space on our lot but also a bit overwhelming to maintain and design. We’re still considering what to do in terms of landscaping, but the grill fits in nicely with Alex’s old outdoor furniture on the (cracked) concrete for now. We were also extra motivated to get this all set up for our upcoming 4th of July BBQ.

Our first meal was a nice slab of Costco salmon, and for dinner, Alex truly outdid himself with smoked brisket, marinated in cumin, cayenne, and sugar. It turned out super moist with a delightfully roasted crust.

We also picked fresh rosemary and fresh green beans from our garden to make roasted garlic mashed potatoes and stir-fried green beans to accompany the amazing main dish. I’m salivating just thinking about it again. 

And finally, one of the bigger updates – we have front steps! At the beginning of the week, they dug the ground and framed the steps. Then on Thursday and Friday, they poured the concrete and spent all of Friday smoothing it over in 30 min. intervals. It’s the perfect height and won’t need a handrail to pass inspection because they’ll use soil to create a 12 in. slope that matches its height.