Garage Conversion Week 14

We started off the week by choosing grout colors for the bathroom subway tile, floor tile, and laundry room tile. It’s kind of like choosing paint colors where you end up comparing different shades of the same color. Like the last time we did this, the tile guy gave us row of plastic samples to choose from. However, this time he gave us the option of a sanded or unsanded finish. That’s because the laundry room tile can be spaced apart further which allows for the sanded finish. It’s one of those things you never think again, but once you see it, you’ll always notice it. 

In the end, we decided to do sanded grout in the laundry room to keep the lines cleaner. The grout is more of a brown tan to bring out the wood grain. In the bathroom, we’re doing pure white (unsanded) for the subway tile and a light gray for the floor (unsanded). 

In addition to the tile, our laminate floors went in throughout the living room, kitchen, and hallway. It’s the same laminate we got from Valley One Carpet so it matches the main house perfectly. And like the main house, we have the floors running parallel with the beams to make the room feel longer. Also, the front door is in!

The exterior got another layer of paint. On Saturday, Alex and our good friend Daniel came over to help sand the beams in the entryway. We could have simply painted over the beams, but there was so much grime and dead paint that it made more sense to start with a clean slate instead. Even though it was only 3 beams, it still took the entire day to strip the paint with a heat gun, scrape the paint off, and sand it clean. This weekend, we’ll stain the wood a golden oak color to give it a rich, warm accent.

Sunday was spent hardcore gardening. We did our usual Costco run, followed by Home Depot to return excess bathroom tile ($100 back, woohoo!) and take advantage of its 3 for $12 veggie plant sale. So we bought lavender, Japanese squash, a new tomato plant, another rose bush, and a strawberry plant that I’ve been wanting since spring. I transplanted it into a terra cotta pot that had been sitting around when we bought the house. It had been full of dead leaves so I cleaned it and can’t wait to see the little strawberries that sprout.

While Alex continued to sand the beams, I cleaned up the backyard with much-needed maintenance to get it all in a good place before our 4th of July barbecue. I turned the compost, planted all our new plants, and rearranged our containers. 

Alex also tested stain colors for the interior/exterior beams and wooden fence planks. He tried 5 stains, ranging from natural to mocha. We chose our favorite before revealing it to each other at the very end – and to our surprise, we both chose the exact same one! To get a better sense of it, Alex stained the veggie bed so we can see how many coats of stain we’ll need and how it might change in the sunlight.

And while we were doing all this, the electrician came to work on the ADU. In this way, he could get more done without the construction crew in his way. 

We were literally working in every corner of the house. My shoulders are still sore as I type this. But there’s no other way we would want to spend our weekends. Alex and I love having a project to work on (especially Alex), and it’s so satisfying to watch the house continue its transformation.