Garage Conversion Week 17

We started our weekend by returning the downdraft hood vent at Sears Outlet. They gave us a full refund which reminded us about something no one ever tells you about home renovations: SAVE ALL YOUR RECEIPTS. You never know when you’ll have leftover tile, extra unopened paint, or wrong models of hood vents that you’ll need to return a few months or even up to a year later.

We made a stop at Costco to start gathering things for the garage like a fire extinguisher (and one for ourselves too, finally).

We also swung by Armstrong Nursery to pick up much-needed Dr. Earth organic plant food, spikes for the peach tree (it’s getting so heavy with peaches!) and spent the weekend tending to our garden.

Finally, we went to IKEA and bought new queen size MALM bed for guest room (on sale for $109) and scored a watering can that was on sale for $5! We assembled it as soon as we came home, moved my old college bed (our previous master bed) into the garage, moved around the furniture in our bedroom, and finally reorganized the guest room to accommodate the larger bed (previously we only had a full bed there). The house is feeling more complete and adult-like every day.