Garage Conversion Week 18

Minimal work was done on the ADU this week because it’s basically wrapped up. We’re just waiting for the downdraft hood vent to arrive (should be coming tomorrow) so we can install it. Our contractor will also add a few finishing touches, like the bathroom mirror and toilet paper roll holder. Then, voila! Inspection will happen, hopefully everything gets approved, and then the room will be ready to go!

Did we mention that our bathtub is huge? The single glass pane shower door went in last week. We’ll test it out this week to see how much water splashes out, but it should be minimal because the tub is oversized and will catch most of it.

The rest of our entire weekend was spent organizing and cleaning (and we didn’t even finish everything on our to-do list). It’s getting to the point where we’re ready to hire cleaners. The amount of time it takes to clean and sort through everything could be used towards freelancing or other weekend plans. And since we’ll be renting the room out on AIrbnb, it makes more sense to hire a cleaner than to do it all ourselves.

We’ve already listed it on Airbnb and have been researching how to become superhosts. I’ve also started listening to Zillow podcasts and educating myself more about real estate.