Garage Conversion Week 19

We’re in the final stretch of the ADU. We had our final inspection on Friday, which the inspector failed for a few silly reasons that are easy to fix. For example, he wanted us to add a motion sensor light to the laundry room. He wanted us to have only 3 stairs on the stoop instead of 4 (otherwise we’d have to add a railing), so we simply buried the 4th step with dirty.

And he wanted us to include a “1/2” to our address number since the garage is registered with the city as an add-on to our main house. We went to Home Depot in search of the “1/2,” but of course they didn’t carry it (and neither did Amazon). So we got creative and bought two 1’s and a 2. Then our contractor removed the top portion of the “1” to turn it into a “/” and lightly screwed it into place so we can pass inspection and easily remove it afterwards.

We also installed the backsplash, towel rack, curtains, paper towel holder, organized the bathroom toiletries in glass amber jars, and laid out some hand-washed dishes to dry on our super lightweight and compact microfiber rack.