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Painting the Bathroom Walls

We were finally ready to start painting again after a short hiatus from the holidays. The bathrooms have had bare drywall since we moved in, and we wanted to do our due diligence to research the proper moisture-resistant paint.

We stopped by Dunn Edwards to pick up 2 gallons of Vinylastic primer and 3 gallons of low sheen white paint. We kept it simple and chose plain white instead of hemming and hawing over which shade. We’d rather use that time to actually paint.

We also ordered more paint brushes from Amazon, paint kraft paper to protect our tiles, and paint rollers. Each time we start a new project, we realize how much we’ve learned from before. This time, we were much better about applying coats consistently and cleaning up immediately.

Our friends Kat and Jeff also came to lend a hand which made the entire process much easier. They painted our guest bathroom while we did the master bathroom.


The end result is gorgeous and exactly what we wanted. It’s clean with just enough shine. The Dunn Edward paint is noticeably higher quality and we’re excited to use it on the cabinets in the bedrooms. Onto the next project!

Installing New Shower Doors

We are very much nearing the end of renovations! Yesterday, we had the shower doors installed. Today the rest of the kitchen backsplash went in. And tomorrow, we have our final inspection with the hopes of moving in on Saturday.

Our contractor had given us a quote for the shower doors in the guest bathroom and master bathroom. It was a little above our price point, so I contacted at least 15 other companies in the area. Ultimately, we went with Quick's Glass and Doors because they gave us a great price, communicated promptly, and turned the job around in one week.

We went with a sliding glass door in the guest bathroom and frameless shower door in the master bathroom. Again, lots of decisions were made on the spot like "What kind of door handle do you want? Square or rounded hinges? Where do you want the shower door to meet with the pony wall... flush or overlapping? Where do you want the fixed glass panels?" We made all of these decisions before the bathroom vanities went in, so I have to admit that getting into the guest shower is a little more narrow than I expected. I also know that I'm over-thinking all these little details.

We decided to only use two brackets on the edges to keep the dramatic tiles unobstructed. The glass is SUPER sparkly and clear because they added a coat of diamond seal treatment to the glass. Which reminds me, I need to buy a squeegee on Amazon now.

Bathroom Tiles are In

This is the face of someone who is VERY HAPPY with 3D shower tiles!!!


As a reminder, this is what our bathrooms looked like when we bought it. We reconfigured the layouts and went through a lot of construction to re-do the plumbing, electrical, and framing.

We chose the tile last month, and this weekend, we were finally able to see the transformation take shape! We know the style strays from mid-century modern, but we wanted the bathrooms to feel luxurious, clean, and inviting. After the kitchen, they'll be the most-used rooms in the house.

In the guest bathroom, we have the Style Selections Calacatta White Porcelain on the tub/shower walls with Bright White grout and silver edge trim. The floors are Fresco Blanco tiles with Cape Gray grout.

In the master bath, we have 3D tiles (similar to these, but I can't find the exact product) with Eclectic Vintage Exposed Concrete backsplash for the shower floor. Again, we used Bright White grout, silver edge trim, and floors that are Fresco Blanco tiles with Cape Gray grout.

Next up is installing the shower heads and faucets and getting a quote for the shower doors. This weekend, we'll be assembling the IKEA sink vanities for our contractor to slide in.

Hot Mopping in the Bathrooms

It sounds like some kind of weird dance or new trend, but in fact, it's actually a process that's essential to any shower! Hot mopping is basically where you apply a thick layer of hot tar to the floor of a shower pan to create a waterproof seal that prevents leaks from damaging the subfloor. There are a few other ways to waterproof it (including sheet, roll-on and trowel-on products), but our contractor preferred hot mopping.

Now that we have drywall covering the bathroom walls, ceilings, and exterior, it's really starting to feel like an actual house. We even chose grout for the shower floors and shower tiles.

Next, we'll install tiles, the recessed light fixtures, and vanities. All the pieces are fitting back together!

Tile, Light Fixtures, & More Decisions

We took it a little easier this weekend and only visited Home Depot once and Lowe’s once! We returned some hardware and light fixtures that we don’t need anymore or have found better options.

We finalized our tile choices for both the guest bathroom and master bathroom.


  • Choose light sconces for entryway and hallway.

  • Choose granite slabs for countertops.

  • Choose baseboards.

  • Follow-up with windows (measurements have been finalized, but we’re trying to expedite the order).

  • Flooring is ready for pick-up.

  • Appliances are ready for installation.


Framing began this past week. Wtf is framing? It’s basically the skeleton of the house where you figure out where you need structural support.

Now we’re slowly watching the house get put back together again. The last wall in the kitchen has been removed so we FINALLY have the open space concept we envisioned from the very beginning. This is the progression from when we bought the house to now.

The wires and copper pipes running along the beams have now been “boxed out” — which means they’ve been covered by wood to make them look like their original state (left photo). We’ll stain them darker once we move in. Again, here's a progression from what it looked like last month to what it looks like now.

The electrical boxes for the recessed lights, fans, and outlets are installed throughout the bathrooms and kitchen.

Concrete has been poured in the bathrooms and rough in-valves have been placed for the bathroom faucets. The small pony wall for the tub (not pictured) and the shower area are also framed. All old, nasty plumbing has been removed along with the very dated wall heaters.

And finally, the framing for our sliding french doors have also been completed.

Lots and lots happening as we hope to move in at the end of the month.

Errands E'erday

We spent the weekend running around for house errands. 2 trips to Home Depot, 2 trips to IKEA (Burbank and Carson), 1 trip to Lowe’s, 1 trip to Best Buy, and 3 trips to Costco. We’ve bought our appliances, bathrooms sinks and vanities, and kitchen sinks. They delivered the lumber on Saturday and framing is happening today. The bathrooms are completely exposed from the outside. We spent a good 3 hours searching for rough in-valves for the bathroom hardware only to realize that they’re brand-specific and only sold online.

Next up is getting estimates for the shower configurations.

HomeDaphne Chanbathroom
IKEA Weekend

Both bathrooms are completely demolished, and they’ve dug beneath the concrete slab to expose the plumbing.

This weekend, we went to Ikea, Home Depot, and Lowe’s to return items, gather more ideas, and get a few more supplies to work on the kitchen cabinets. Feeling very exhausted today.

HomeDaphne Chanbathroom
Bathroom Demo

Both bathrooms are completely gutted and after much brainstorming, we’re ready to move forward with new layouts! (guest bathroom on left, master bath on right)