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1st Project: The Cabinets

Alex and I took advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend to kick off the first of our many home improvement projects. After researching and testing the process out on one of the cabinets on our apartment balcony, we removed all the kitchen cabinets and doors. There were a lot.

We set up shop in the garage, blasted the “Hamilton” soundtrack, and got to work removing all the hardware. We put on disposable gloves and applied some paint stripper to each with a disposable paintbrush, scraped the paint off, applied another layer, scraped more, and discovered a goopy yellow paint underneath it all. Turns out, it’s some kind of wood primer that had a strange reaction to the paint stripper, turning it into a clay-like substance. After more scraping and wiping, Alex sanded them down with a Dewalt orbit sander. On the bigger pantry doors, we used Strypeeze which was much more potent and required us to wear a safety mask. Repeat repeat repeat.

After about 4 hours, we were ready for some Korean soup!

The next day, Alex and I went back to the house with our McDonald’s breakfast. We continued stripping the paint with sturdier tiling gloves and a more potent stripper! It was a little easier this time around, and we managed to get 90% of it done. Our plan is to start priming the cabinets this weekend.