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Design Inspiration: Hanging Plants

Last summer, I was really dedicated to my plants and herb garden on our apartment balcony. I'm excited to pick it back up again and fill our house with lushness.

Hanging planters help bring the eye upwards and give life to unexpected corners of the room. By hanging them off curtain rods, there's basically no assembly required.

I literally can't wait to make these with leftover wire in my craft stash! Just a few simple supplies help transform your space into something straight out of Anthropologie.

These gorgeous hanging brass bowls can be easily thrifted and are great for holding fuller plants. 



Super trendy hanging baskets or birdcages add an eclectic touch. They're also great for succulents or other smaller plants that need something to latch onto.

Design Inspiration: Pendant Lights

When we got the green light to knock down the fireplace and build a kitchen island, we knew we needed pendant lights to finish the look. I wanted to keep it mid-century modern, simplistic, and with a hint of gold. Here are a few of my favorites, but scroll to the bottom to see what we ended up choosing!

Industrial Lighting // Brass Pendant Light

Arent & Pyke + Anson Smart

We love the simplicity, drama, and detail of these oversized light bulbs! Plus, they fit our budget and have a timeless look.

Design Inspiration: Black Kitchen Islands

When we started thinking about color themes for the kitchen, a part of me wanted to go bold and expected. I was drawn to moody, sophisticated black cabinetry, and the thought of covering up all the ugly stains and imperfections on our old doors and drawers really inspired me.

But in the end, I decided against it. Knowing that we’ll get a ton of sunlight from the big living room windows, I didn’t want all the black to swallow up the room. I was also concerned about how often they would need touch-ups and if they would easily attract dust or fingerprints.

I’ll just admire these kitchens on Pinterest for now instead!

Jeff Madalena and Jason Gnewikow //  Source

Jeff Madalena and Jason Gnewikow // Source

Maison de Pax //  Source

Maison de Pax // Source

The Arts and Crafts Kitchen //  Source

The Arts and Crafts Kitchen // Source

Arrital //  Source

Arrital // Source

Biasol //  Source

Biasol // Source

Crocodile Rocks - Black Moonstone //  Source

Crocodile Rocks - Black Moonstone // Source

Design Inspiration: Modern Ceiling Fans

Functional and stylish, ceiling fans have come a LONG way.

Since our house doesn’t have central AC (and we don't have the budget to install it right now), we'll be putting ceiling fans with lights in both bedrooms (and potentially getting a modern AC unit in the living room). At first, I wasn't very thrilled by the sight of a huge fan in the middle of the room, but they started to grow on me as I started doing more research. Just remember to decide if you want 46" or 52". We decided to get a 46" fan because it was a $100 difference, and our rooms aren't that big.

Here are some of my favorite sleek, modern ceiling fans!

Beacon Light //  Roto 3 Blade Fan  // $319

Beacon Light // Roto 3 Blade Fan // $319

Rejuvenation //  Falcon Ceiling Fan  // $699

Rejuvenation // Falcon Ceiling Fan // $699

Beacon Lighting //  Futura Mood Fan and LED Light  // $260.10

Beacon Lighting // Futura Mood Fan and LED Light // $260.10

Styled by Emily Henderson  // Haiku Home //  L Series Fan  // $550
Byeee Termites + Early Ideas

Termite removal started today and should be done today! Mold removal last week took a few extra days than expected because they discovered more that needed to be removed. Ew.

Last Saturday, we spent a few hours removing more dead tree roots and filling up all THREE of our trash cans.

Before dinner reservations at Fogo de Chao to celebrate Alex’s recent promotion, we stopped by Home Depot, Room & Board, and HD Buttercup for interior design inspiration and appliance research.

Also this week, we hired a caterer, we’re reaching out to decorators and furniture suppliers, and my wedding dress is ready to go!